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12 words 2

Does it make sense to play an already lost game?

Young lawyer Miloš Ivanovic tries to put his life in order after the events that shaped the first season. (The Checherin case, which was his first important case, was closed with the testimony of the protected witness Vlahović. Robert, a cryptocurrency-laundering hacker of the Checherin clan, escaped from prison and went to China. Sara got a job at the Prosecutor's Office, the relationship between her and Miloš was renewed, Miloš's father died. Tomislav Grubor, in whose office Miloš worked, was arrested based on evidence provided by Miloš.) Miloš's plan to start a family and live an ordinary life, changes when he becomes a hostage of Žarko Checherina, who has escaped from prison. Blackmailed into hiding an escaped criminal in his apartment, he discovers some new truth about himself and the world in which he lives. Miloš's quarrel with the Prosecutor's Office turns him to the lawyer's gray margin and an anti-establishment position; he is no longer a rebel without a cause, an immature kid, but a lawyer on the edge of the law. The second season is payback time.

  • Crime, Drama
  • 2/2
  • 12
  • 46’- 48'
  • 2023
  • Worldwide
  • Jelena Stolica