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iris GO

Bring TV with you wherever you go and enjoy favourite TV contents at any time, at any place!

iris GO app enables you to watch favourite TV channels at any time, on your phone, tablet or computer. Enjoy a wide choice of TV channels and interesting content from our VoD, with a number of advanced add-on services. With iris GO you miss nothing at all!
Watch TV live whenever you want;
Take a look at the programme schedule and learn everything about the programme you want to watch;
Visit My TV and find the content tailored to your interests;
With the Catch-up service, your favourite TV content remains available even after you missed it;
Pause TV programme and continue watching when it suits you best;
Rich content from VoD offer stands at your disposal - movies, series, cartoons, documentaries…;
Watch the most popular sporting events;
Watch the best local and international series and movies;
Upgrade your TV experience with additional packages and services;
Tailor-made content for each family member by creating additional profiles.

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