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Euronews Serbia is a branded affiliation of Euronews, which broadcasts local, regional, national and international news on TV and digital platforms, produced by its own team of journalists and reporters. It is a part of a wider Euronews network, which broadcasts global news in several languages, from the European perspective, for more than 400 million homes in 160 countries. Euronews Serbia is an information channel committed to objective, unbiased and accurate journalism, which the Euronews family and its media promote wherever they are present. Euronews is a leading international information channel and it is one of the most famous and most credible information brands functioning throughout Europe. Across the world, it is broadcast in 160 countries and distributed in almost 400 million homes – including 73 percent of homes in the European Union and Great Britain. Every month, Euronews is watched by over 140 million people, both on television and digital platforms, according to the data of the Global Web Index for 2020.

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