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Film klub

Film klub is specialized in offering exclusively feature films and documentaries made in the territory of former Yugoslavia, and accompanying content with topics directly related to the film. The channel is broadcast 24 hours a day with standardized genre content that is shown in the same time slots, so that viewers can swiftly get accustomed to following the time slots and content that they like the most. Given that Film klub owns the largest catalogue of feature films made in the territory of former Yugoslavia, the content of the channel does not include programs with no direct connection with the topic of domestic films. Therefore, Film klub can be considered a concentrate of filmmaking in our region. Some 300 films from our film base are available to you only on Film klub, including, among other things, full catalogues of Avala Film, Zeta Film, Inex Film, Terra Film, Film Danas, and some minor production companies. We pay special attention to quality and that is why we are continually replacing old low-quality masters with new digitalized, and more often, HD versions whose quality and image format are adjusted to the tv sets of the latest generations.

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