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Civil Servant

Everybody doesn't need to know absolutely everything.

“Civil Servant” is the first series daring to present the work of Serbia’s Security Information Agency (BIA) in the context of current intelligence and general geopolitical situations. Its heroes are young people working under the pressure of the burden of the tremendous responsibility that stems largely from the broad powers carried by their positions. The series is describing their professional tribulations, but also the price paid by their private and family life in whole. “Civil Servant” is a series about BIA of today, that would not exist without its illustrious, mysterious and often controversial past, which forms the foundations on which its cult status has been built in the nation, and which has roots reaching back to the medieval Empire of Dušan the Mighty. Although it is based on fictional events and characters, the series is dedicated to all of those who laid down their lives to preserve the security of the country, whose sacrifices will never been known about, because they took an oath of secrecy, without the possibility of receiving a monument or the status of a national hero, despite deserving precisely that.

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  • Genres
  • Crime
  • Seasons
  • 1/2
  • Number of episodes
  • 24
  • Duration
  • 45'-50'
  • Available
  • 2019
  • Distribution rights
  • Distributed by GoQuest, Worldwide