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Love under the golden pine

Two is good enough, three is crowded. And four is good enough again...

LOVE UNDER A GOLDEN PINE carries an intertwining story about few successful people from Belgrade among which is Bojana, a young pretty woman, a plastic surgeon and the owner of a clinic. Though her life looks perfect at first sight, a husband, friends, success at work, soon her life takes a dramatic turn.
Sometimes people stab us in the back and this time it was done by her best friend Danica and also her right hand at work. Up to now she has been able to rely on her and tell her greatest problems and deepest secrets, while her husband Marko was her support in everything.
Things get complicated after Bojana returns home one afternoon with a cake in her hands ready to surprise Marko for his birthday. She finds her husband in bed with an unknown woman. Devastated by this sight, Bojana gets into a car and drives away to an unknown location. The drive has given her freedom to clear her thoughts and the landscape she reached the inspiration to move on, at least that fateful night.
The series Love Under A Golden Pine brings us difficult life situations and follows lives of intertwining characters, ordinary people at first sight, whose problems constantly intertwine, introducing new, excited, but difficult situations. Bojana's story is about to start.

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  • Genre
  • Comedy
  • Seasons
  • 1
  • Number of episodes
  • 10
  • Duration
  • 45'
  • Available
  • 2021
  • Distribution
  • Worldwide