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The Air Bridge

The TV series “The Air Bridge” is a war drama by genre. Its plot is bound to a specific time of the cathartic end of the World War II in Serbia. The heart of the story is a unique endeavor - the largest single rescue mission of downed Allied airmen in aviation history of all time, known as the “Halyard Mission”. This challenging activity was carried out in the summer of 1944 by the Serbian people, led by the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland that was headed by General Draža Mihailović. In these moments of utter hopelessness, in the period from May to September 1944, at great cost and sacrifice, the Serbian people saved 508 American and other Allied countries’ airmen from certain death, sending them off from the improvised airfield in the Serbian village of Pranjani in a rescue mission. These Allied airmen were involved in a campaign of bombing Romanian oil fields, which were the main source of oil and energy resource of Hitler's army in Europe. They were taking off on a mission from the airport in Foggia, Italy, and they were downed by the Germans over the German-occupied territory of Serbia.

  • War Drama
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  • 6

  • 50'
  • 2024

  • Worldwide