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Secret of the Grapewine 2

The provocative family story of love and wine continues.

This time, Vuk is not at familiar field. He is bound to the north by the empire he has built, by Jelena, from whom he has not been yet officially divorced, and mutual concern over their daughter Anja, who travels the world, as if she wants to escape from them ... He is also bound to Ruža who still does everything she can to preserve her family, and Zoran, who wants to make a new wine but loses his touch of the craft he loves the most, and the years of alcoholism come to fruition, so he is unable to establish a healthy relationship with his wife and son. And, of course, Vera, who notices that Vuka is restless and that he has not dealt with the past yet. Vuk was the key person in running the Tomović winery. Now he is gone and the question is whether the winery will survive without him. Competitors appear who want to buy the winery only to destroy it. At the same time, Vera begins an investigation into her parents whom she lost as a child, which will later be crucial for the production of "Theodora" ... In the north, above the home of the Tomović family, a new powerful and mysterious figure came over - Kosta, Radul's former protégé, and now a worldwide successful businessman who, after many years, is returning from Germany to his hometown. He comes with his wife Tea, a well-known music producer, who takes Ivan under her wing and helps him build a career. Who is Kosta, a mysterious character, a controversial businessman, a benefactor as he presents himself, or a villain as Vuk thinks? The love of Vera and Vuk have been put to the biggest test so far. They will have to show that they are the strongest when it is most difficult, because the stake this time is not only their relationship, but the whole family, as well as the wine they have been fighting for all these years ... In vino veritas… is it?

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  • Genres
  • Drama
  • Seasons
  • 2
  • Number of episodes
  • 36
  • Duration
  • 60'
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