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Walking with the Lion

When was the last time someone truly loved you.

The series Walking with a Lion is an unusual and wacky dark comedy filled with irony and is always a „meter above the ground“. In the very beginning of the first episode we are introduced to the main plot: an encounter of two completely different worlds, two beings spiritually far apart but joined by destiny. Slightly introverted, but very well educated, an unsuccessful director as far society is concerned, Svetislav Bata Krsmanovic (Andrija Kuzmonovic) is being interviewed by a very popular, yet superficial host and author at TV Gold, Una Lazarevic (Anjelka Prpic), and their encounter will lead to an explosion of unforeseen consequences. Our heroes will go deeper into despair and trouble as the unfortunate accident that the entire country talks about, and all the newspapers, both broadsheets and tabloids, write about, is being investigated by a clumsy inspector Trisic (Andrej Sepetkovski). Throughout ten episodes we follow the ups and downs of our main characters,emphasizing the drastic change that will affect them all. Walking with a Lion is not just another love story, it’s a search for love, deeper meaning, and spirituality, an indicator of how life without values is actually vain and empty.

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  • Romantic comedy, drama
  • 10
  • 45'
  • 2022
  • Worldwide