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Professor Miskovic's Notebook 2

As mysteries continue, the search for answers continues. The secret of the notebook has not yet been revealed

Half a year after the first season’s events, the inexplicable events happen again. People keep disappearing and appearing at another time. Time gaps still exist. After the past events, Bosko Stevanovic isolated himself in a village and refuses to return to the city. After Boskovic begs him to come back promising he will help him, Bosko decides to return to his normal life and his job, but he is still investigating the mysteries he is writing down as he takes on the role of Professor Miskovic as a keeper of the secret notebook. After a long time of refusing, he accepts Jelena's father Danilo's offer to become the editor of his internet portal. Again, after twenty years, Boskovic is decided to find the treasure Attila the Hun was supposedly buried with. It’s the treasure stolen when Attila sacked the Roman camp of Viminacium, located near Titellus. For that, he needs Bosko Stevanovic’s help. Miskovic sets him up with Andjelka, a beautiful linguist whom he met six months ago, to seduce and control him. Around Mount Rtanj a strange group of American scientists dealing with the scientific discoveries of Nikola Tesla gathers. Jelisaveta discovers that over the years she and her husband, Professor Miskovic, have been protected by the mysterious group Zone 369. That group works to preserve Tesla's knowledge about the mystical forces that rule the Balkan climate.
Professor has been researching the group for a long time, but when he found out that this secret association was also looking for the notebook he handed a key part of his research to Dusan Popov, a world-class adventurer and secret agent, who later made sure that the information reached the safe hands. The association is still looking for the Beleznica, not knowing that it is in Boskovic’s hands.
Miskovic's attempt to find Attila's treasure fails again, under strange circumstances. Bosko cheated on Jelena with Andjelka while she was in London, Jelena found out and left him. Bosko goes to Rtanj to find out about the Americans investigating there and disappears.
Velja and Milenko, who were following him, find him alive after a painful search. Bosko managed to pass into another dimension and met Harry Wilson. He thought him all about the connection between Rtanj, Viminacium, Attila, and Tesla. It appears as if all mystical events are interconnected. Roman soldiers found and moved a secret source of power originating from Rtanj to Viminacium, where Attila found it and kept it for himself by being buried with it under the surface of the river Tisza. It is an authentic Attila's treasure. The force still exists and works. The search for answers continues.

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  • Drama, Mistery
  • 2
  • 12
  • 45-60'
  • Fall 2020
  • Worldwide