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South wind 2 – Speed up (movie)

Saga about Petar Maraš continues.

South Wind - SPEED UP is continuing the saga of Petar Maraš, who uses all the advantages of his newly acquired status of “the untouchable leader of the Serbian underground” protected by the state itself. Wanting to expand and legalize the business, Marash invests illegally acquired money in legal businesses. While looking for a favorable opportunity, he goes to Eastern Serbia on an assignment with his faithful Baća; where he finds news that will force him to change plans immediately. Lives at stake, playing by the rules of international drug cartels and numerous spectacular action scenes - these are just some details that await us in Speed Up.

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  • Genres
  • Thriller/Action/ Drama
  • Seasons
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  • Number of episodes
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  • Duration
  • 127'
  • Available
  • 2022
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