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Block 27

There is no going back from here

After the disappearance of a fourteen-year-old boy in the New Belgrade blocks of flats, his twin sister and two friends set off in search of him. As confused parents and disorganized police tread the place, the three of them uncover the mystery behind the disappearance that dates back decades, to the very beginning of the construction of New Belgrade. Rastko (14), an exemplary student and a promising basketball player, disappears without a trace in the New Belgrade blocks after a late evening training. The disappearance was first noticed by Milica (14), Rastko's twin sister, a small, shy and unnoticable girl, always in Rastko's shadow. Upset and frustrated by the slow investigation, Milica sets off in search of her beloved brother. She is joined by best friend Damjan (14), an misfit nerd, and Darko (14), Rastko's former best friend and now a petty dealer and criminal in an attempt. The media raises an unprecedented panic about Rastko's disappearance. The police is spinning in a circle, and parents, in panic, reach for psychics and mediums. In the search for Rastko, Milica, Damjan and Darko find a connection between the frequent disappearances of children and the urban legend about the underground corridors of New Belgrade, as well as the answer to the question: why does Block 27 not exist?

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  • Genres
  • Drama/Horror
  • Seasons
  • 1
  • Number of episodes
  • 6
  • Duration
  • 48'
  • Available
  • 2022
  • Distribution rights
  • Worldwide distribution by Firefly International

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Block 27: Official Trailer

There is no going back from here.