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The Resteless

The young man's remains were found at night at a construction site in Belgrade. Inspector Mirna Paligoric gets the case and begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse as she tries to solve the murder. The main suspect Vukašin Banović disappeared after the discovery of the skeleton, but the murder of her colleague Nebojša Ubiparić sheds a whole new light on the case.

Mirna discovers that much more powerful people are involved in the story than it seemed at first glance. Investigating fake autopsies and police corruption, Mirna faces a serious threat to her own life while trying to resolve privacy issues. While she investigates, Vukashin's brother Momcilo tries to uncover the truth to save his brother and family from criminals lurking in the shadows. Mirna and Momčilo will have to face mobsters, members of the DB, and the chief of police, but also each other.The exciting atmosphere and tense plot that follows the search of Vukasin's family and the police investigation will show what it's like to seek justice from the most dangerous people in the city.

  • Drama
  • 1/1

  • 12

  • 48'
  • January 2023

  • Worldwide

  • Darko Nikolić