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Dream Team

Eleven sons to make dreams come true.

"Dream Team" is a comedy series, partly based on the unverified biography of local Belgrade football player called Maradona, the famous Inget. "Dream Team" is a story about unsuccessful football player Ilija Iki Srdić and his team composed of his 11 sons. Each episode of the series tells one funny story from the life of this numerous football family of this unusual football team. At the very beginning of the series, Bulbuderac (as the name of this fraternal team is) plays in the zone competition, but with great ambition to enter the Second League one day, and then the First, and even the Champions League! Unhappy that he was never a good football player, Ika teaches his sons, with passion, to become top football players.

Each episode is a story for itself, and the main incentive that connects all the episodes is the progress of Ika's family team on the football map of Serbia and the region. Bulbuderac is located in the Zvezdarska forest. There is a small field, a house where they all live together; about twenty of them, a ramshackle pub with a garden and a barbecue. The club mostly supports itself from this pub, since Ika is a better barbecue chef than a coach. The court is meticulously neat. Ika is terribly careful about the grass. The playground looks more like a tennis than a football field. This isolated place in the forest is also the main place of all the stories in the series. Most of them take place on the field, around it, in a pub, locker room or in a small house. Each episode has its main characters (Ika, his 11 sons, mother Ciga, hundred-year-old grandfather Drakče), but many interesting guest characters will also appear in each episode. This series intend to be easy, funny and fast, to tell a romantic old-fashion story of hopes, desires and ideals of ordinary, simple people. "Dream Team" is a modern series. No matter how much they unlike eachother and quarrel, members of Ika's family are bound by strong love ties. The pillar of discord, but also the pillar of love and peace, is the main character Ika Srdić.

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  • Genres
  • Comedy
  • Seasons
  • 1
  • Number of episodes
  • 14
  • Duration
  • 45'
  • Available
  • January 2021
  • Distribution rights
  • Worldwide

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Dream Team: Official Trailer

11 sons to make dreams come true.