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Do you live your life as you are told or as you imagine it?

"Toma" is a film about Toma Zdravković, a folk music singer, bohemian, gambler, legend of folk music, the most famous and talented figure of then Yugoslav show-business. In the post-Yugoslav era, after the recent wars, his music remaines to unite people and feud nations. There is no debate over his name and work - he was and remains an impeccable star and symbol of a time in which, as they say, everyone lived well and had good time. The plot begins when an old, respected retired doctor, who recently moved from a huge city center apartment to a raft house on the Sava river, where he lives like a lone wolf, alienated from people and relatives, heads to the city to give a lecture to medical students. on the topic of doctoral ethics and patient relations. However, instead of talking from his own experience and expressing his views and conclusions regarding these problems, he plays the music of Toma Zdravković to the students, makes them listen to the words he sings and the stories he tells. The story of Toma the Doctor, begins. They met at the Military Medical Academy, at the moment when Toma was performing a farewell tour and his health was already seriously damaged. In spite of this, Toma does not want to be treated - he wants to continue singing and living the way he lived so far, without slowing the destructive rhythm of life. The Doctor, then much younger, tries to keep Toma in the hospital, to treat him seriously and responsibly, to reason and convince him to cooperate, to ban him from singing and performing. At that time, the Doctor was the complete opposite of Toma. He did not listen to the folk music, he did not like pubs and he despised such an irresponsible, bohemian way of life. And while he is struggling to heal Toma and do his job properly, Toma enters his life and changes it. Toma continues to sing and falls into the hospital bed every now and then, and the Doctor, realizes while struggling to save his life that singing for Toma is life and that banning him from singing only means death to him. The two of them are going through the most difficult period of Toma's illness and the Doctor, from a difficult opponent of Toma's life philosophy becomes Toma's best friend and confidant.

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  • Genres
  • Drama
  • Seasons
  • mini series
  • Number of episodes
  • 8
  • Duration
  • 45'
  • Available
  • 2022
  • Distribution rights
  • Worldwide