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Swindling is in their blood.

Simeon, aka Felix, with the help of his extramarital sons Dragan and Momir and his cunning tenant Marina, swindle anyone who crosses the doorstep of his apartment in the center of Belgrade.At first glance, a genteel and benevolent elderly gentleman Mr Simeon, aka Felix, worked out a scam thanks to which he has been living comfortably for years. Although he has no intention of moving, in the ads, Felix offers his large salon apartment on Zeleni venac in exchange for an apartment or house outside Belgrade, with the goal of taking an irrevocable downpayment from the gullible people. Dragan and Momir, the sons of Felix from casual relationships whom he did not even know were born, move into the salon apartment, as well as Marina, a fickle cousin of the original apartment owners. These four grifters join forces to lure as much money as possible out of the headless and greedy people, which results in various comic plots and twists.

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  • Genres
  • Action
  • Seasons
  • 1
  • Number of episodes
  • 40
  • Duration
  • 25'-30'
  • Available
  • 2021
  • Distribution rights
  • Worldwide