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The only way out (movie)

Where does the road to the exit actually lead?

A big fire in the Belgrade night club "Jedini izlaz" took twelve lives. Six years later, it turns out that some of the victims are actually alive. Ana Kolar was in the club that fatal night with her husband Saša. Saša died and Ana experienced severe carbon-monoxide poisoning, that took her into a coma which caused partial amnesia on the nights’ events. Ana continues to live with her son Luka, but cannot come to the terms with the loss of her husband, so she has frequent nightmares and panic attacks. After six years, Ana receives an e-mail from an unknown address in which she sees her late husband and believes that he is still alive. The search for Saša will lead Ana through the intricate circle of violence, lies, blackmail and makes her face the darkest secrets from the past.

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  • Genres
  • Thriller
  • Duration
  • 120'
  • Distribution rights
  • Worldwide