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Your baby isn't here your baby isn't anywhere.

Private investigator Ljuba wants to help a group of parents who suspect their babies were falsely declared dead and abducted from the maternity hospital. Ljuba quickly realizes that the cases are out-dated, and what the parents call as „evidence“ are uncertain indications. However, Ljuba is focusing his investigation into the abduction of Natalija's baby which took place outside the maternity hospital, 20 years ago. But Ljuba is in love and sincerely believes that the case has to do with infant trade, but has no clue that a big disappointment awaits for him.

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  • Genres
  • Drama
  • Seasons
  • 1
  • Number of episodes
  • 4
  • Duration
  • 48-50'
  • Available
  • Now
  • Distribution rights
  • Worldwide