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Killers of my father 6

The ball has been thrown, and the roulette wheel is spinning

The sixth season of the series "My Father's Killers" deals with a cubeAll the players have placed their stakes; some play small, and some play all or nothing. Some still have tokens to continue, and some have finished a long time ago, so their debts and ghosts stand in their place because there is a jump into the abyss, and some still believe in luck. However, the ball will have to stop somewhere, and nothing will be the same for any of them.

For our new main characters, young men Nenad (Slaven Došlo) and Lav (Milan Kolak), gambling stopped being fun a long time ago - it became the center of the world. Through various events and finally a crime, we will show how it is easy to cross the road from "beginner's happiness" to the justification that maybe it is only about bad days, to the point where everything is lost - not only materially, but also friends and family, and finally and - the head. The inspectors dive through the manipulator's lies, revealing the cruel world of greengrocers, which is connected to the life of pathological gamblers. Through a painful but also an instructive story, we will follow how lives are destroyed and how difficult it is to get out of that vicious circle from which it is difficult to "get out" even though the gambler believes in the possibility to the end. At the same time, Predrag Marjanović evolves the Minister of Police, and many debts from his previous life come to be paid off.

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  • Action, crime
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