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The Crown

Miki, Gita, Cuperak and Zec are residents of and orphanage in the mid 80s in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Miki, Gita, Cuperak, and Zec are residents of an orphanage in the mid-80s in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. They are relying on each other and their love for music, which is so enormous that they secretly play in the streets and squares all the time. The misunderstanding coming from the rigid institution and its management towards the artistic inclinations of these orphans is gradually growing into increasingly drastic punishments. That is why they decide to run away. They end up in a Romani queue run by Roman, the o cial king of the queue and the uno cial king of song and music. As the fugitives are musically gifted, Roman wholeheartedly decides to help them find their way. Roman a.ects the newcomers with his attitudes and philosophy, which seem a century old. Roman's way of life is modest and simple as if time has stopped. Miki finds his views most di cult to accept, as his great and hidden ambition clashes with Romano's uncompromisingness. Miki, although feeling endless respect and love for Roman and seeing him as a father he never met, deep down doesn’t want to follow Roman's path as King Roman is unrecognized discographically, does not exist in the market and his royal title is unauthentic. Mickey's dreams of fame go beyond the rational. In the second part, which takes place 30 years later, Roman is still where he was, frozen in time and in the same queue. Miki and his group are in a similar situation too, but Miki, in agreement with the dishonest producer Zivadin, decides to ask Roman for his blessing to take his stage name as that is how he thinks he will finally launch his career. Roman doesn't have the slightest idea that Miki's producer is the same one who once cheated on him by stealing the copyright for his entire oeuvre. That entire opus will eventually belong to Miki, who finally finds the formula for fame: he lacks only one old and forbidden song that has haunted him since childhood and he lacks the world's best studio musicians. Miki, that is now Roman, breaks two vows: one given to the old king Roman, he obliged he will not sing and misuse the mythical Romani song forbidden for singing, and the other, given to his friends that he will not perform with other musicians, even though these are recognized and renowned. He has rejected everything, and then, like in a nightmare, he loses his voice. After the death of the old king, he realizes that the price of fame is too great and that he must find his way back.

  • Drama, comedy
  • 1/1

  • 12

  • 45'
  • 2024

  • Worldwide