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Love bites

There are hardly any friends that at some point in a jest didn't come up with an idea to open a cafe, or a restaurant together, fantasizing about opportunities that could open up and people that they might meet. In the new comedy TV sitcom Love Bites by Milorad Milinkovića (Mrtav ladan- Cold as ice), Crni Gruja- Black Gruja), Nadrealna televizija -Surreal TV) and Aleksandar Janković, we follow two friends who decided to fulfill their dream and open a restaurant which will get them into a series of incredible situations.
The main characters of the series are Suki and Johnny, vivid 27 year old friends from college. The two of them are basically different apart from the fact that none of them finished college. The place where they want to open the restaurant is under lease, therefore they start working off the books.
The recognizable light motive of the series will be „the guest is never right“ and the audience will find out why. During the first season that includes seventy 25 minutes long episodes, the audience will follow funny adventures and misadventures of Suki and Johnny as well as various guests that stop by their restaurant. 

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  • Genre
  • Sitcom
  • Seasons
  • 1
  • Number of episodes
  • 70
  • Duration
  • 30'
  • Available
  • 2020
  • Distribution
  • Worldwide