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Underneath 2

Inspector Nikola is on bad terms with his ex-wife Maja. He sees his daughter every other weekend and it bothers him that Maja's new partner took his place. After the death of his mother, he begins to search for the truth about his own origin.
Elena, a girl whom Nikola knew and whom he tried to help, was found brutally murdered in a small town, immediately after the bachelor party of Srdjan, a rising singer who is about to marry Lidija, the daughter of local powerful man. The young inspector Atila, unhappily in love with Lidija, conducts an investigation and finds the message "SAVE, NIKOLA KRSMANOVIC" written in blood. Atila gets in touch with Nikola who becomes obsessed with Elena's case. Nikola discovers that the deceased provoked many powerful people in the small place where she was murdered. Atila feels a mixture of admiration and repulsion towards Nikola, and over time they both realise they are similar - outcasts in search of the truth.
In parallel with the investigation, Nikola discovers that his late half- brother Vasa was a child conceived through rape. Vasa's father, in revenge for what he did to Danica, was killed by Simi, a criminal whom the inspector know from before and who helps him solve Elena's murder. On his deathbed, Simi reveals to Nikola that he is his father. It turns out that the peaceful place where Elena was killed hides terrible secrets. The stone is raised and a nest of snakes is beneath it.

Nikola and Atila are trying to pick up the threads of a complicated case, but it is not easy at all... Elena's death irreversibly changed the lives of several families, and the murders continue.

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  • Genres
  • Crime, Drama, Mistery
  • Seasons
  • 2
  • Number of episodes
  • 10
  • Duration
  • 50'
  • Available
  • 2020
  • Distribution
  • Worldwide