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Block 27 2

In the two years since Rastko’s disappearance and their descent into the corridors of Block 27, Milica, Darko and Bogdan have grown apart. Primary school friendships wane and so did this one; except for occasional texts they do not keep in touch. The only thing that involuntarily reminds them of their joint adventure is a big mural of Rastko’s portrait by a still unknown artist.
After a long-lasting psychotherapy Milica managed to convince herself that the adventure in Block 27 was only a dream, hallucination or a figment of her imagination caused by her brother’s disappearance and her parents’ subsequent divorce. She lives with her mother Ljiljana, in a tough financial situation under constant tension. Ljiljana is irritable, between jobs, constantly on medication and unforgiving to herself because of her son’s disappearance.
Milica is hiding behind a newly acquired image of an extrovert, kick ass girl; she is the most popular girl in school, a fixture at all parties in the hood. Hanging out, partying, synthetic drugs and antidepressants help her forget at least for a short while the trauma and suppress the thoughts of Block 27 and Rastko, whose knocking on the radiator she hasn’t heard in years.

  • Genres
  •  Horror, Triler mistery
  • Seasons
  • 2
  • Number of episode
  • 6
  • 45’
  • Available:
  • 2023.
  • Distribution rights
  • Worldwide
  • Vuk Ršumović