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Seven people are detained in an unknown space that has no entrance or exit. Without memory, they try to get to know...

The prologue presents the main characters - seven deadly sins, living their daily lives in a world struck by a devastating pandemic. Due to the apocalypse on Earth, their lives soon end, and they get trapped in Saligia, a mysterious place, where time stands still, remembering only fragments of their existence, not even their names, status, or identities.

As there is nothing around them but bushes and a ruined temple, they are forced to stay in the center of the monumental building, at a large table full of sumptuous food and drink, attempting to figure out why they are there. The pillars around them often come to life, transforming into white angels who help them on the path of temptation, seen only by the audience. As the story progresses, the identities of sins begin to show, one by one.

By getting to know who they are, they unlock more pieces of memories revealing their unworthy past life on Earth. At the very end of the story and the moment of their complete self-realization, time unfolds. It begins to rain. A canoe arrives, and White angels lay the sins in. They wake up on Earth, at the exact moment and place as when they first emerged in Saligia. Only this time, they recall everything about themselves, their identities, and experience gained in "purgatory", which gave them a choice - to take responsibility and save the world or remain unchanged and let it all fail.

  • Genres:
  • Mistery, Drama
  • Seasons:
  • 1
  • Number of episode:
  • 4
  • Duration:
  • 50'
  • Available:
  • 2023.
  • Distribution rights:
  • Worldwide
  • Petar Ristovski