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The secret of the grapevine 3

The beginning of the new season takes us one year into the future on the day of Anja’s wedding. A shadow looms over the joyful event as Anja drinks poisoned wine. While Vuk’s heiress fights for her life in a coma, the members of the Tomovic and Smiljanic families try to uncover what happened and who is responsible. We rewind a year back to follow the events leading up to Anja’s wedding and the attempt on killing her. We meet new characters, potential suspects. Is Ines Brunjak responsible for Anja’s poisoning - the oenologist with whom Anja made Malvasia wine in Istria, and also the new competitor for Vuk’s love? Or perhaps her son Matej - Anja’s groom? There’s also Ines’s jealous ex-husband Josip, then Sloba Grbic, a businessman who clashes with Vuk, as well as a loan shark from the south whom Marko gets into debt with. Lastly, there’s Bogdana, a mysterious young mother who, fleeing from her abusive husband, finds refuge with Ruža and Lina on the grange, farm restaurant. In the first two-thirds of the season, we witness tensions escalating among new and old characters, tensions that culminate in events at Anja’s wedding. The final third brings explosive conflicts, between Vera and Ruža, Zoran and Lina, Ivan and Marko, as well as Vuk and Vera, and resolves dramatic and also thriller tensions. We will find out who is standing behind the poisoning and whether the poisoned wine was intended for Anja at all…

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  • Genres
  • Drama
  • Seasons
  • 3
  • Number of episodes
  • 36
  • Duration
  • 50'
  • Available
  • 2024
  • Distribution rights
  • worldwide