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Absolution (movie)

We were never meant to live forever

In a barren wasteland far removed from the mythical ’’city of the gods“, there is one human settlement left. They are dying out under the leadership of a zealous priest who started conducting human sacrifice rituals after he experienced a religious vision that convinced him it is the ony way to appease the gods. When his younger brother finds a mysterious Woman buried in a strange capsule, Ethan, a capable young hunter, brings her into the settlement,. The people accept her as an omen of salvsation, but her fragmented memories, which she confides in Ethan, bring their beliefs in question. When his younger brother is chosen to be sacrificed, Ethan, along with the Woman, embark upon a journey to find the city of the gods, and salvation. On this quest, Ethan and the Woman begin discovering what happened to the modern world that collapsed centuries ago, after a prodigious scientist discovered a universal cure that practically stopped human aging but cause unforseen consequences that proced to be fatal. In the end, they realize that the Woman is the key to finding out the truth about the past, and the only possible future of humanity.

  • Genres:
  • Sci-fi , adventure, thriller, action
  • Duration:
  • 110’