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Liberta – The birth of a City

It’s 1748. Seven years of war have brought the Hapsburg monarchy to the brink of fiscal ruin and administrative chaos. In the far south of the empire lies the fortress town of Petrovardin Sanac (today’s Novi Sad). Its citizens su­er under a corrupt and despotic local regime controlled by the prefect Senchy and the chief of police, Colonel Sekula Vitkovich. This is the story of how residents (Serbs, Germans and others) come together across national and ethnic lines to establish Liberta, a secret association to fight for freedom and for independent civic governance. At first, this communal movement makes little headway: participants remain timidly legalistic, reluctant to embrace militant tactics. All this changes when representatives of the largest Hapsburg trading company, the Kaiserliche orientalische Kompagnie, arrive on the scene with a radical plan: to convert the town into a commercial hub for trade with the whole of the Ottoman Empire. Such a scheme entails forcefully relocating the entire population of Sanac. Confronting the crisis, members of Liberta broaden their social base and forge an alliance with outlaws and smugglers from the countryside. Together, they plot a strategy to defend against the brutal prefect and his chief of police, while at the same time navigating their way through the traitorous labyrinths of a corrupt state to reach the Habsburg monarch - Empress Maria Theresa herself.

  • Genres
  • Drama, thriller
  • Seasons
  • 1
  • Number of episodes
  • 7
  • Duration
  • 50'
  • Distribution rights
  • Worldwide