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The Mould 3 – The Pinch

In the third season in the story under a working title The Pinch, we are addressing partnership violence and femicide. We discover a cruel reality of a seemingly idyllic love story that started on a colorful carousel that turns into a nightmare. In this suspenseful psychological drama, our main character wishes to end the terrifying carousel of manipulation and violence that led her to the verge of survival. While trying to gather strength to struggle against abuse and face serious flaws of the legal system that can't seem to protect her, she makes difficult decisions in order to stop the vicious circle of fear and revenge. Her life is followed by surprising conflicts and confrontation with unpredictable allies while she struggles for her freedom. All the characters are facing consequences that will change their lives forever. Given that The Pinch is based on true events about real people, we allow those people to witness the process of filming. Sometimes they will consider that the authors interpret certain events inadequately, so they will intervene, even take over the acting assignments. This drama structure with real and unreal characters is something that has never been seen before and it's one of the main characteristics of authors' approach to this difficult topic.

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  • Genres
  • Drama
  • Seasons
  • 3
  • Number of episodes
  • 4
  • Duration
  • 52'
  • Distribution rights
  • Worldwide